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The Original Water
Filled Cofferdam

For over 30 years AquaDam has been revolutionizing the way water is diverted and controlled on construction worksites. AquaDams are light-weight, heavy-duty water filled barriers that are much less expensive, and more effective, than other cofferdam products. We have the most experience with temporary water-filled water control structures, period.

We proudly produce the tallest (28ft) and longest (1200ft) water filled barriers in the world!

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AquaDams® are portable dams filled with onsite water that can be installed wherever needed to control, contain, or divert the flow of water on nearly any work site.

  • AquaDam sizes are customized to your project's requirements. Heights range from 1ft to 28ft. Single AquaDams can be manufactured up to 1200ft in length. AquaDams can be connected together by a patented coupling collar connection to form any required barrier length. Any length up to 1200ft can be custom fabricated with notice. 
  • The most environmentally friendly, EPA Safe Water Act Compliant, water-filled cofferdam. It won’t pollute the worksite or destroy the surrounding ecosystem. AquaDams isolate the sediment created by construction next to, or in, a body of water to prevent contamination.
  • AquaDams are made with watertight inner polyethylene tubes that are surrounded by a lightweight, heavy-duty geotextile woven polypropylene master tube, PP Webbing reinforced seams, and polyester thread. AquaDams contain no welded seams, making them the ideal choice for water containment.
  • Will conform to most surfaces, providing an excellent seal and keeping water seepage to a minimum. Seepage rates depend on ground conditions.
  • Large and small AquaDams can be used in conjunction with each other, making the possible configurations almost endless. They can be deployed in a straight line, to form turns, or to completely encircle an area. 
We work with you to create a custom solution for your project based on your specific needs.
Recent Projects
Kilisut Harbor
Port Townsend, WA 2019

A combination of 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and 12ft tall AquaDams were deployed to isolate a work area in a sensitive tidal area. The original road was built through an existing tidal channel, with just a couple small culverts to facilitate flow. This led to stagnant conditions that promote the growth of dangerous algae. With the work area isolated, the contractor was able to expand the existing channel, and elevate the road to increase the available flow channel.

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Recent Projects
Rancho Del Lago Park
Moreno Valley, CA 2019

A 12ft tall, 170ft long Double Closed-End AquaDam was deployed to isolate a section of the pond, to allow the contractor to dewater and perform sediment removal. Access was extremely limited, so the partially unrolled dam was towed by boat from the pond boat ramp to the final installation location (1 day). The filling and installation of the AquaDam took another day.

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Recent Projects
Jacoby Creek Emergency Bank Washout Plug
Arcata, CA 2019

Cowfield-turned-engineered-marsh was in danger of becoming the channel for Jacoby Creek when high water levels washed out the existing creek bank. Once the erosion starts, the rest is a very rapid process. A 4ft tall AquaDam was initially installed in the existing creek channel, to plug the eroded portion of the bank levee. With the flow through the new channel brought to a standstill, it became feasible to install a larger AquaDam to fill in the back-side of the eroded levee. Installation of the 4ft dam took 1 day, we came back a couple of days later and spent a day with the installation of the 12ft and 5ft tall AquaDams.

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