Q1. What is the tallest AquaDam available?

  • There is no practical limit to the maximum height of dam that can be produced. While our standard AquaDams range in height from 1ft (0.3m) to 16ft (4.8m), AquaDams up to 28ft in height have been successfully produced and installed.

Q2. What lengths of AquaDam are available?

  • AquaDams are stockpiled and available for purchase in a range of standard lengths, from 50ft to 500ft, in 50ft increments. With enough lead time, we can manufacture a unit to custom length, to fit the unique requirements of your site.

Q3. How much lead time is needed?

  • The minimum amount of lead time needed is 1 day, plus shipping time, if the required AquaDam is in stock. If the AquaDam is not in stock, manufacturing time of 1-10 days should also be accounted for. Most AquaDams are manufactured in 1-3 days time. The more lead time you can give, the better.

Q4. What is the price of the AquaDam? Where can I find your price sheet?

  • The price of the AquaDam is determined by the height of the dam being considered. The retail price of a 1ft dam is much less than that of a 16ft tall AquaDam. Please contact us to start the process of determining the price of the right dam for your project.

Q5. What kind of water can be used in an AquaDam?

  • Usually, the on site water is appropriate to use for filling the AquaDam. Having an on-site pumping operation, using the on site water, speeds up the installation process tremendously. The AquaDam material is resistant to most chemicals, acids and bases, but each site should be considered on a case by case basis. Please mention any known or suspected contaminants at your site.

Q6. What is the AquaDam made of?

  • The watertight inner tubing of the AquaDam is made of extruded (virgin) Polyethylene. For most dams, this tubing is 12 mil thick. The outer sleeve of the AquaDam, with the center stability baffle forming the (2) side by side chamber for the inner tubes, is made of a Polypropylene geotextile, woven for strength. With the maximum incorporateable levels of UV-inhibiting compounds, this material is rated for 80% after 2500 hours of UV exposure (ASTM D 4355)