Flood Control for Governments

Government Flood Control With AquaDam

Some areas are prone to flooding, while others are not. In either case, local governments often have to respond quickly to protect different facilities and prevent extensive damage in the area. AquaDam provides the flood control governments need before, during and after flooding events. Use one or multiple to keep water damage away from essential facilities. 

AquaDam uses two water-tight inner tubes and a stabilizing baffle to contain water. Once filled, the AquaDam can control up to 75% of its height in water depth. The product will not roll and offers a temporary solution to flood control needs with many advantages over traditional methods. The installation and removal processes are straightforward for immediate flood control requirements.

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Benefits of AquaDams for Government Flood Control

Governments need reliable flood control when the need arises. AquaDam is an ideal product for governments because it is:

  • Fast to deploy: In the event of a flood, government teams need to respond quickly to prevent extensive damage to critical infrastructure. With a small crew and the right equipment, governments can deploy AquaDams in a single day and quickly pump them with water for infrastructure protection.
  • Flexible: The polyethylene and polypropylene geotextile construction makes the AquaDam highly flexible. Teams can deploy an AquaDam along a required path. Once filled with water, the AquaDam can remain stable and control flooding according to its dimensions.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to traditional methods of flood control, AquaDam often comes at a lower cost. With strict budgets in government, the single cost of an AquaDam makes spending predictable. The time and labor saved on setup can also help teams cut costs.
  • Versatile: With a range of heights and lengths available, government teams can find the appropriate AquaDam product for their needs.

Government Flood Control Projects

AquaDam’s versatility, cost-effectiveness and fast deployment make it a valuable tool for governments needing to control flooding at a moment’s notice. Governments may rely on AquaDam to protect electrical substations, police stations, fire stations and more. The Department of Transportation (DOT) may even rely on flood protection to keep roads safe.

Examples of flood control projects include:

  • Brandon, MB: In 2011, in Manitoba, Canada, the city of Brandon experienced heavy flooding throughout the area that put residents, homes and businesses at risk. With several AquaDams placed throughout the town, the local government helped to control the flooding.
  • Jacoby Creek: This major tributary of the Humboldt Bay is located in Northern California, and flooding risk occurred when a bank washed out and sent creek water outside the standard path of water. The county relied on AquaDam to keep the water under control while the bank washout plug was addressed. 
  • Ft. Calhoun: The Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Generating Station in Blair, Nebraska experienced flooding from the Missouri River in 2011. With the help of 8-foot AquaDams, the local government protected the facility from downtime and damage that the flood could have caused.

Learn More About AquaDam Applications

AquaDam is a helpful flood control solution for governments needing to control flooding patterns in local areas. Fill out the online contact form to receive more information about the product, or call the AquaDam team at 1-800-682-9283.