Flood Control for Homeowners

Residential Flood Control

If you own a home, you need to consider your risk of damage from flooding. FEMA has re-assessed floodplain surveys in many places, resulting in greater numbers of homes now considered to be in the 100- and 500-yr floodplains. Many places that were not prone to flooding the past are seeing flood events. Most flood damage is caused by 18″ or less of water.

The old (and largely unsuccessful) method of flood control was to dig up sand, put it in a bag, and make a wall of these bags. Such a barrier, even when constructed carefully, will become saturated with water and allow substantial seepage through the barrier, into the protected area.

The new way to control flooding is to use a water-filled perimeter flood barrier to isolate your home or building from the floodwaters. The AquaDam is the original water-filled barrier, with its first documented flood control application done in Clearlake, CA in 1995. Because the AquaDam is water-filled, installation is quick and physically easy, compared to the effort involved with building a commensurate sand-bag structure. There is no seepage through the AquaDam; the only seepage into the protected area will come through the ground beneath the AquaDam. The rate of seepage will vary based on soil conditions and must be controlled using one or more electric sump pumps with float switches placed at strategic low spots behind the AquaDam.

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AquaDam Pricing

The cost of the AquaDam is usually around 10% of the cost to repair/renovate the damage caused by uncontrolled floodwaters. This does not take into account the incalculable cost of living away from your home for up to weeks or months while you wait for the floodwaters to recede, and the repairs to be accomplished.

Generally, AquaDams can be deployed, recovered, stored, and deployed again. Reuse is not guaranteed, due to the variability of potential installation sites. However, the savings from even a single successful flood control deployment will pay for the cost of the AquaDam many times over.

Create a Flood Control Plan

AquaDams are an effective flood barrier, when used within its own operating parameters, as part of a greater flood control plan. This plan should include: Perimeter Flood Barrier (AquaDam), seepage control pumps (placed at low spots behind the AquaDam), Gutter-downspout Diversion Pipes, plugs/valves for sewer/stormwater drain pipes, and other site-specific solutions. The AquaDam is a very effective barrier but is not a golden bullet. You must participate in this flood-fight if you want to be successful.

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