Flood Control on Industrial and Commercial Sites

Protecting against flooding is a top priority for businesses and public utilities with facilities in at-risk areas. These organizations must guard against damage to their assets and the potential for liability if industrial material is carried off-site. AquaDam water-filled flood barriers can help manage these risks and provide effective flood control for businesses.

The AquaDam can be deployed in hours wherever needed, making it an ideal option for commercial flood control. Working in combination with other flood-control measures, AquaDams can provide vital protection to industrial and commercial sites.

Minimize Flood Damage to Company Assets

Riverside locations are vital to businesses that rely on easy access to water to support their industrial processes, but that proximity to water brings a vulnerability to flooding. Just one flood event can devastate a business, damaging or destroying irreplaceable infrastructure, valuable equipment and other assets worth thousands or millions of dollars.

AquaDam helps reduce these risks with its extensive inventory of inflatable flood control dams for commercial businesses. More than 25 miles of length are available for the most commonly required AquaDam heights. These barriers are ready on demand for nearly any commercial flood barrier application. 

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Benefits of AquaDam Flood Control for Industrial Sites

The AquaDam is a reliable and cost-effective tool for industrial flood control. Its benefits include:

  • Quick deployment: Unlike sandbag barriers, thousands of feet of AquaDam can be put in place and filled in a single day by just two people using two pumps.
  • Effective design: The AquaDam’s patented design consists of two watertight tubes contained within a woven baffled outer sleeve. This outer sleeve helps the AquaDam stand up to rugged conditions.
  • Reliability: The vertical baffle skirt that runs down the length of the centerline increases the unit’s stability, especially during installation. Business owners can be confident that their AquaDam will deploy properly and stay in place as long as necessary.
  • Cost-effectiveness: AquaDam users report significant savings on barrier construction and removal labor expenses, as well as the initial purchase cost.
  • Convenient storage: After the threat of flooding has receded, the AquaDam can be drained and may be rolled up for convenient storage on-site or at one of our storage locations. 

Past Applications of AquaDam Water-Filled Flood Barriers

Various industries use AquaDams with additional flood control measures to protect their warehouses and other industrial sites. AquaDam water barriers have been part of notable successes, including:

  • Nuclear Power Station Isolation, 5-foot water depth: In June 2011, flooding on the Missouri River threatened the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station near Blair, Nebraska. The Omaha Public Power District alongside the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) responded by purchasing AquaDams for perimeter flood control. More than 5,000 feet of 8-foot-tall AquaDams surrounded and isolated the reactor buildings and other critical infrastructure, including five other buildings and structures.
  • Barge Equipment Building Isolation, 4-foot water depth: In 2011, United Barge Line used 600 feet of 5-foot-tall AquaDams to protect a major equipment storage building in Metropolis, Illinois, from Ohio River flooding. The AquaDams were deployed in a full circle around the protected area, which included the building and a small patch of ground on all sides. These dams prevented multimillion-dollar losses from uncontrolled flood damage.

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