Installation & Removal of the AquaDam

The AquaDam is an innovative, water-filled cofferdam that’s valuable for temporary flood control, construction work, water storage and many other applications. Installing and removing this water barrier is a straightforward process to complete.

AquaDam Installation: Step by Step

The dam installation process will vary based on the site, but there are five general steps:

  1. Receive the AquaDam. AquaDams will ship rolled up like a carpet. After delivery, the AquaDam must be placed at the top of the starting bank. The height and length specifications will influence the weight of the rolled-up dam. The number of laborers needed is based on the size of the AquaDam system that will be installed for the project.
  2. Unroll the AquaDam. The rolled-up AquaDam must be unwrapped before unrolling. After unwrapping, unroll the dam down the starting bank into the water to expose the two fill tubes. The fill tubes are the plastic material coming out of the woven material at the start of the AquaDam.
  3. Connect the pumps. Connect pumps to the 3″ layflat fill-hoses, or run personal hoses into the two fill tubes that create the watertight, side-by-side inner sections of the AquaDam. To prevent tube damage, pad any hoses or pumps inserted into the fill tubes. 
  4. Turn on the pumps. Pump water evenly and equally into the water-tight chambers.
  5. Stop the pumps at the right time. When the AquaDam reaches its rated height when measured at the lowest point of the path, stop the pumps. Overfilling the dam may cause breakage. Underfilling by 4 to 6 inches can account for low spots in the water.

AquaDam Removal: Step by Step

Water-filled cofferdam removal is straightforward. Complete the installation process in reverse through the following steps:

  1. Re-water the work area. The water on either side of the AquaDam must reach the same level before removal. Even water levels on either side will bring the AquaDam’s net force to 0.  
  2. Pump water out of the AquaDam. Pump or siphon water out of the AquaDam with an electric sump pump or a suction hose for external pumps. Insert equipment into the AquaDam fill tubes with padding to prevent damage to the inner tube.
  3. Set the AquaDam onto its wooden core. Only begin this step once the water level inside the dam is below water level. At this point, the dam will float. Use man or machine power to set the AquaDam on its wooden core on the end opposite the fill-tube openings. 
  4. Roll up the AquaDam. Start rolling up the AquaDam and pulling the rolled section up the bank. As the dam pulls out of the water, any remaining water inside will drain out through the fill tube openings. Continue pulling and rolling until the dam is completely rolled up.

Before starting the AquaDam removal process, assess the installation site for factors like flowing water, stream obstructions and lack of access. In these cases, the AquaDam may not be reusable following removal.

Learn More About the AquaDam

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