AquaDam for Boat Ramps

When building a boat launch or completing maintenance and repairs, it is essential to control the surrounding water. An AquaDam is a water-filled cofferdam that is the ideal solution when dewatering for boat ramp construction projects. 

Choosing Aqua Dam for Boat Ramp Repair and Construction Projects

Aqua Dam, Inc. manufactures water-filled cofferdams that will keep the work area isolated and dewatered. Our patented flexible, lightweight plastic tube is a temporary water control structure for dewatering the work area for boat ramp repairs or construction projects. AquaDams are effective, environmentally friendly and easy to install.

Within the AquaDam, there are two watertight inner tubes running side by side wrapped in a woven sleeve. The AquaDam can be positioned in almost any configuration to isolate submerged work areas.


All projects must require a master plan that will dictate the installation path for the AquaDam system that will be installed.  By pumping water into the AquaDam it will unroll. You can change the directions and even make an “L” or “U” shape configuration with one unit (no connections are preferable). After the AquaDam is filled (typically one day project, pump dependent), the internal work area can be dewatered using pumps.  


AquaDams are sold rolled up and come to the customer in various lengths and sizes similar to a carpet roll. Many feet of an AquaDam can fit on a flatbed trailer depending on the size and length of the system. No need for cranes or heavy equipment to install the AquaDam. The surrounding water is used to fill the AquaDam, this makes it very cost-efficient compared to sheet piling, sandbags, earthen berms, jersey barriers with plastic sheeting, or any other method for water control. Installation can be accomplished very quickly saving the buyer time and money.

Water Intrusion

Using an AquaDam to control water is a faster way to dewater the construction site.  Unwanted water intrusion is an issue with any cofferdam system.  Water intrusion can be water seeping under the AquaDam or through the ground and can be addressed by using dewatering pumps.


Request a Quote for a Water Dam for Boat Ramp Installation

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