Water Storage Dams

Water Storage Applications

60000 gal Water Storage for Pool MaintenanceAquaDams® are used for temporarily storing on-site water within the dam for a variety of purposes. The patented design provides extensive water storage capacity and will hold more water within a given space than the same space filled with cylindrical tanks. AquaDam material is suitable for contact with drinking water.

AquaDams can be utilized in water storage applications including:

  • General water storage
  • Fire protection
  • Storage during contamination testing

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Real-World AquaDam Water Storage Applications

AquaDams are regularly and successfully used for water storage projects. Some past successes include:

  • SeaWorld: An AquaDam water-storage farm using (20) 4ft tall, 250ft long AquaDam water storage units, stored saltwater from the tank of Shamu the killer whale at the SeaWorld facility in Aura, Ohio. The AquaDam water storage units held the water during the retrofitting and painting of the tank. The water was pumped back into the tank from the AquaDam upon the project’s completion.
  • Wildlife water reservoir: In 2004, the California Department of Fish & Game utilized an AquaDam to create a water reservoir to serve as a fish habitat. The storage dam helped alleviate problems caused by low-water conditions that led to an unhealthy environment for the area’s aquatic life.
  • Irrigation water storage: A Fruitland Ridge, CA, a grape-growing operation used AquaDams® to store water used for irrigation purposes after local wells ran dry. The project entailed connecting two AquaDams via a connection collar. Each storage dam was self-supporting and could hold up to 10,000 gallons of water. The water was delivered with the aid of a pump inserted into the dam.
  • Radioactivity testing: In the early 1950s, a reactor core accident at a nuclear facility in Pennsylvania resulted in contamination of the water supply. AquaDams were used continually to store runoff water for testing and treatment before releasing it into a local stream. The 6’x50′ storage dams held up to 20,000 gallons of water during the 48-hour testing period. This water storage unit was in continuous use for over 5 years.

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