Erosion and AquaDam®

Does Erosion Around the AquaDam® Affect its Usefulness?

An AquaDam® is flexible and conforms to the ground and surrounding area to provide an effective seal. Even if the ground is eroded away after installation, the AquaDam will fill the gaps to maintain the seal.

The AquaDam itself is not susceptible to erosion and does not use fill materials that can be washed out. By eliminating the use of fill materials, AquaDams also meet the demands of EPA guidelines and Clean Water Act laws that prohibit fill discharge.

If an AquaDam is placed on a soft base which allows water to permeate its substrate and undercut the dam, it will have a tendency to sink as the base is washed out. This problem would present itself with any water retention system. If this problem is a possibility with any given site, it should be considered as a factor in selecting a particular AquaDam® size. A larger AquaDam provides a larger footprint to resist undercutting and sinking and ensures that the retention depth will stay within recommended values if sinking should occur. Any leakage through the ground or subsurface would be directed to a small pump in order to keep the dewatered areas dry.