Bridge Isolation, Baytown, Texas 2017

Hurricane Harvey brought record rainfall to Texas. This record rainfall inundated all waterways, leading to erosion in many areas. A 16ft tall, 300ft long AquaDam, with 8ft tall support dams, was deployed to isolate the bridge and road areas, permitting dewatering for inspection and repair. ...

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MOTCO Wetlands Channel Plug

A 10ft tall, 40ft long Double Closed End AquaDam was installed in a low-flow channel that ran through some tidal wetlands. While a typical installation would have installed the dam from bank to bank, the channel was narrow enough that we were able to use the width of the AquaDam to seal against the bottom and sides of the channel, instead of using the AquaDams length. This job was at Port Chicago, in the MOTCO Wetlands. All AquaDams, equipment, and people were helicoptered to the job site, in order to minimize disturbance to the environment. AquaDam was installed in 4 hours, from first flying in to flying out. ...

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