Lake Independence Intake Canal Isolation, 2014

Lake Independence is a drinking water lake, in Truckee, CA, which serves West Nevada residents. The intake structure was broken and needed replacement. A 21ft tall primary dam, with 16ft and 10ft tall support AquaDams were installed to isolate the work area from the surrounding 15ft of water depth in the lake. ...

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Bypass Pipes beneath AquaDams, Seattle WA 2010

An 8ft tall Primary AquaDam with a 5ft tall Support AquaDam behind it, were installed over (4) 18" diameter, 700ft long Flume Pipes. These pipes started upstream of the work area, went beneath the AquaDams, through the work area, and discharged downstream, where the ground elevation would not allow water to come back into the work area. After the work area was isolated, the road embankment repair could take place. ...

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